Writing, Photography & Video Contests

Ubumm content is generated and maintained by ubies like you.  Every month ubumm will provide a new travel-related theme for writers, photographers, and videographers to capture with their artistic skills. Each submission will be judged by the ubumm staff based on the following criteria:

  • relevance to monthly theme;
  • ability to capture the study abroad experience in a creative manner;
  • within the 500 word limit for writing submissions;
  • conveys intellectual and or emotional contact with host country.

Study Abroad Spain © Federica Pagoto 2011

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions will be sent to you upon showing interest in the aforementioned contest.


All submissions must be emailed by the last day of each month to in order to be considered for review.  Due to the number of submissions received, you will only be contacted if you are selected a finalist.

January 2012 Traveling on a Budget
February 2012 Sustainable Travel – Going Green
March 2012 Mind, Body, & Soul on the Road
April 2012 Gastronomic Adventures
May 2012 Coming & Going
June 2012 Hidden Treasures – Discoveries
July 2012 Home
August 2012 Neighbors
September 2012 Reaching New Heights
October 2012 Sports
November 2012 Culture Shock or Reverse Culture Shock
December 2012 Food Culture

Finalists & Selection Process

Ubumm will select five finalists for the writing, photography, and video contests.  Each finalist will receive a ubumm t-shirt, while the second runner-up will receive a travel guide for the country of their choice.

The ubumm staff will select the five finalists.  The submissions of the finalists will be displayed on the ubumm webpage for a total of five days. During this time ubumm users will have the opportunity to select their choice for the winner.  The winner of each category will receive their choice of a travel voucher (valued at $25.00) or a unique ubumm gift basket to assist them during their travels, as well as exclusive publication of their work on ubumm’s website.

Contact Information

All inquiries regarding the above contests can be referred to

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