Our Mission

Ubumm aims to meet the networking needs of the growing study abroad market by sustaining an interactive mobile application for students to connect throughout their study abroad experience. Ubumm seeks to operate under three principles: utility, organization, and interactivity, the sum of which will redefine the ways in which ubies carry out their study abroad experience.

Join us on Monday nights at 6:00 PM CST on Twitter @ubumm to engage in real-time chat about study abroad!

Meet the Founders

Emily and Maryann met while studying abroad in Rome, Italy their sophomore year of college. While studying, working, and living abroad for nearly eight years combined, they began to notice the lack of a networking tool that provided insightful information on how to budget, improve, and simplify their experiences abroad. Simple tasks such as selling an old textbook, to apartment hunting, or simply finding roommates became seemingly impossible feats.  Over a bottle of Barbera red wine, good food, and many a lament, the two put their heads together to outline what their ideal study abroad website would look like. Ubumm is the product of this elaborate brainstorming affair — a website with no frills attached, just the necessary tools to save, simplify, and connect while on the road.

Follow ubumm’s latest development on Twitter @ubumm.

ubumm co-founders, Maryann Klucevsek & Emily Salm

Emily Salm


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ubumm co-founder Emily Salm

At the moment Emily leads ubumm’s business development and marketing activities. She is a graduate of John Cabot university in Rome, Italy where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in International affairs with and minor in Italian studies.  International travel has been a passion of Emily’s for a number of years.  Born and raised in rural Wisconsin, Emily stepped foot on the international scene when she was sixteen years old as a participant of the AFS abroad program to Sardinia, Italy (2004-2005). She continued her academic experiences abroad throughout college and lived in Rome and Milan for nearly four years combined. Emily’s professional experiences include interning at the U.S. Embassy in Rome, working as a study abroad liaison and a paralegal in Rome, and teaching freelance Italian lessons on the side. Raised beneath a stack of cookbooks, Emily’s secret passion is reading NYT restaurant reviews, experimenting with new recipes (especially crostata recipes!) and researching up-and-coming restaurants around the world. Other things that Emily enjoys is making dinner for her friends, watching Grey’s Anatomy and the Green Bay Packers, and spending time working out.

Maryann Klucevsek


ubumm founder Maryann Klucevsek

At ubumm Maryann leads all content and website management.  She is a graduate of John Cabot University located in Rome, Italy, where she majored in Communications.  Maryann began traveling abroad when she was 14 years old and continues to make it an important part of her life today.  Her favorite hidden travel spot is the gelateria Old Bridge in Rome where she spent many nights eating far too much gelato.  When Maryann is not working on ubumm she enjoys spending time with friends at the beach, dancing, and catching up on the latest Vampire Diaries episodes.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Emily, hi Maryann,

    thank you for your interest in our straw bale hotel.
    As you can see, construction works are still on, but we think we’ll be ready for opening in October this year.

    We wish you a Happy New Year and a lot of visits on your blog.

    Greetings from Switzerland


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